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Hinged Wardrobe doors Newcastle

At Wardrobes Newcastle, we install different types of wardrobes doors, but one of the most preferred are hinged wardrobe doors. They are used for a variety of rooms and spaces and can be easily installed also. The hinged wardrobe doors include both sliding, stacking as well as folding types of doors which enhance your storage space with its various designs and styles.

What is a hinged door wardrobe?

Two-door hinged-door wardrobe

A hinged door wardrobe is the wardrobe door that is attached to the top of a wardrobe with hinges and easily opens sideways. They have no visible hinges. It allows you to maximize your storage space by opening outwards from the side rather than sliding it across or folding it away. If you have a small space, this type of door also has great storage potential – it can hold clothes on one side and shoes on the other!


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    How much does it cost to install a hinged door wardrobe?

    The installation costs of a hinged door wardrobe vary depending on the size of your wardrobe. Any additional accessories you may want will also need to be taken into consideration. At Wardrobes Newcastle, our expert joiners offer free no-obligation quote with the exact cost of installation depending on your specific requirements. For a precise quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can inspect the site where you want your wardrobe to be installed before we give any quotes.

    Brown hinged door wardrobe

    Installation and Maintenance of Hinged doors for your wardrobes.

    When installing hinged doors, make sure that they are aligned with the wall and not sticking out too far – this will give you enough room for walking around inside your closet without hitting anything. If you have an uneven floor, use shims to level it before installing your hinged doors. To keep your hinged wardrobe looking new and clean, you vacuum it every few months using an attachment explicitly made for furniture.!

    A hinge used on a hinged- door wardrobe

    Why go for hinged wardrobe doors?

     There are various reasons why people prefer hinged doors over other wardrobe doors;

    • Hinged wardrobe doors are easy to open and close.
    • They can be installed in any position so that you can put them on the left or right side of your wardrobe.
    • The hinges prevent clothes from getting caught when opening the door. 
    • A hinged door is a more elegant solution than a sliding door because it does not take up floor space as a sliding door would. The hinges allow you to open the doors at a 180-degree angle so that you can see everything inside.
    • Hinged wardrobe doors are a great way to save space in your bedroom.
    • Hinged wardrobe doors are easy to install and use, with all the necessary hardware included.
    • Unlike traditional sliding or swinging doors, hinged wardrobe doors do not require any clearance on either side of the door opening because they open outwards into the room instead of swinging towards each other as traditional closet doors do.
    • Hinges make it easier for people who have limited mobility issues such as arthritis and back problems by making it possible for them to open their closets with ease, which is complex with some other types of closet design options available today.

    Why choose Wardrobes Newcastle for installation of your Hinged door wardrobes?

    Wardrobes Newcastle is a company that is best known for providing a wide range of wardrobe designs in Newcastle. By choosing Wardrobes Newcastle for the installation of hinged door wardrobes, you can get assured of quality service from the experts. Their expert designers will discuss your requirements and will come up with the best designs that will meet your needs.
    Contact us today for more information on our hinged door wardrobe installation service in Newcastle!


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