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A Leading Wardrobe Company in Newcastle

At Wardrobe Newcastle, we have the highest standards in our design team, providing our customers with accurate quotations and within our professional installation team. We always ensure that our products are of the utmost quality and our design range is extensive. Wardrobe Newcastle can provide them with all from sliding door wardrobes and hinged door wardrobes to those of the walk-in variety. This is why we are fast becoming one of the go-to wardrobe design and installation companies in the Newcastle area.

The Latest Built-In Wardrobe Designs

modern simple custom made wardrobes filled with clothes

Wardrobe Newcastle does not just stick to what we know. We perfect our skills continuously, looking for the latest designs and materials so that our customers are on-trend. Whether you want a glossy finish, mirrored doors, or lots of wardrobe accessories, Wardrobe Newcastle covers all bases.

Custom Storage Solutions

Designing built-in wardrobes are our specialty. Yet you may not be surprised to hear that we also offer all kinds of custom storage solutions no matter your needs and location. We can create custom-designed office storage, laundry room storage, and storage for mudrooms too. Whatever your storage needs, Wardrobe Newcastle can tackle it affordably and professionally. We are also offering exceptional wardrobe design Morisset and stunning wardrobe design Cardiff.


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    Newcastle Wardrobe Makers

    If you are in Newcastle NSW and its surrounding areas, you have found the right place. We are a Trusted Wardrobe Maker in the Newcastle area and offer custom wardrobe designs and builds to customers all over the Newcastle region. Why not contact us today to see if we can find the solutions for your storage problems? If you are a little way out of Newcastle, give Wardrobes Lake Macquarie West a call, and we will do our utmost to help you.

    Wardrobe and Sliding Doors. What Colours and Materials to pick from?

    These days there are pretty much no limits on colours, designs and materials for your wardrobe. At Wardrobe Newcastle, we have an extensive range of different materials and finishes to meet all customer expectations, whether your preferences are for something more traditional or if you like glossy and mirrored glass finishes. No matter the combination, you can rest assured that we will have a finished product that you will love (and that your friends will be envious of!).

    Are you a Property Manager or Commercial Builder?

    Wardrobe Newcastle also takes on commercial jobs as well as those for residential clients. As a team of professional wardrobe designers and installers, Wardrobe Newcastle has great experience in designing and building large commercial storage and taking on large-scale wardrobe jobs. No matter the job’s size, our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all your needs are met and that you remain on budget. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your commercial or large-scale storage problems.

    a clean and tidy walk-in wardrobe Newcastle

    Impressive Wardrobes. The Trusted Name.

    It is no wonder that people recommend us. Wardrobe Newcastle has received glowing positive reviews from our customers’ thanks to our attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. As a potential customer looking for in-built wardrobes, you would struggle to find another company able to meet our incredibly high standards through all stages of the design, consultation, building, and after-care service. There is a reason for positive reviews and a trusted name: impressive wardrobes for over twenty years.

    empty wardrobe with lights and few clothes hanger

    What makes the best in built-in wardrobes?

    The best in-built wardrobes have the perfect combination of a sense of style on the outside with smart storage design on the inside. With Wardrobe Newcastle, your storage needs do not stop at the doors to your wardrobes. We take the utmost care and responsibility in designing the internal wardrobes to suit your needs. Our wardrobe internals can feature a range of accessories dependent on your desires: tie racks, full-length or half-length hanging space, internal drawers, jewellery trays, internal full-length mirrors, and shoe storage, to name just a few of our most popular options.

    spacious walk in wardrobe storage for shoes and clothes with crystal door

    Wardrobe Newcastle Affordability

    One question that we always expect as wardrobe designers is, “How much will this cost?”. Of course, there is no simple answer to this question! Every quotation we give will be dependent on your chosen design, the size of the wardrobe, how long it will take to complete, the costs of your chosen materials, and any internal accessories you desire. Every customer is given a complete, unique quotation that is agreed upon before we begin working on your wardrobes and storage. We can assure you that there are no ‘hidden extras’ or surprise costs at the end of your installation to worry about.

    Designing and installing wardrobes can push budgets, but we will always offer you the most reasonable cost at Wardrobe Newcastle and are open about our costings throughout all the process. If you have a budget in mind, why not give us a call? Our helpful customer services team will help you arrange a detailed quote with your budget at the forefront of our minds.

    stylish design wooden wardrobe in Newcastle

    Free Measure and Quote

    If you are not sure whether in-built wardrobes would work in your space or whether you can stretch to them, Wardrobe Newcastle offers a free measuring up and quotation service so that you know what to expect before you commit to getting us on board. If you are not happy with any aspect of the quotation, you can simply walk away with no questions asked. It could not be easier to find out if in-built wardrobes are something that will work for you and your home. Contact our helpful and professional customer services team today to organise your free measure and quote. We promise that you will not regret it!

    large wardrobes Newcastle for closet organizing

    Transform your Home or Office!

    It must be said: a new wardrobe or tidy storage area can make all the difference to a room. No more piles of things or storage that is not fit for purpose. With Wardrobe Newcastle, everything can be stored safely and stylishly. Everything has a place. And one thing is for sure, with Wardrobe Newcastle, your whole place can be transformed.

    Let Wardrobe Newcastle be your first choice for Wardrobes on the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Lake Macquarie.

    white coloured built in wardrobe area with mirror on the side
    custom wardrobe closet filled with clothes, hat and boxes
    flat pack built in wardrobes for space saver
    modern simple custom made wardrobes filled with clothes


    How much does it cost to install a wardrobe?

    To install a wardrobe, the costs can vary depending on the size and how complex the design of the wardrobe is. As a rough estimate, you can expect to pay between $500 to $30,000 for an in-built wardrobe in 2021. You would have your smaller in-built wardrobes at the bottom end of the scale with your full, large-scale walk-in wardrobes at the upper end of the price range.

    Does IKEA do fitted wardrobes?

    IKEA has a range of options for both stand-alone and fitted wardrobes. The downside with IKEA wardrobes is that you must design the wardrobes yourself without the expert help of designers like those at Wardrobe Newcastle, as well as having to build the wardrobes in your home yourselves. For many people, this option is not a feasible one.

    How long does it take to install a wardrobe?

    Installing a wardrobe will take differing amounts of time, depending on your chosen wardrobe’s size and complexity. For simple designs, you can expect your wardrobe to be completed with a day, but our team may need a few days to complete the job for the more complex and larger designs. Timescales are important to us, and we will always discuss this with you before you accept our quotation.

    How much do sliding wardrobe doors cost? door wardrobes’ costs vary depending on their size, number, and material. However, there are some combinations of sliding door wardrobe design that we are asked about often. For a standard sliding mirror door wardrobe fitted with two sliding doors, our basic cost estimate is somewhere in the region of $750. Of course, all our quotes are individually tailored to our customer needs.

    How do I build a budget wardrobe?

    Building a wardrobe on a budget can be difficult. But your best option is to contact our customer services department who can organise a free no-fuss quotation specific to your needs and with your budget in mind.

    Can built-in wardrobes be moved?

    Typically, built-in wardrobes cannot be moved. This is because they are explicitly designed to fill your space and fit perfectly in your room. They are fixed securely to the walls and generally remain in place throughout their lifespan (which is decades!).

    Do fitted wardrobes cause damp?

    There is no evidence to suggest that fitted wardrobes cause damp. However, there are certain recommendations when fitting wardrobes that you should adhere to. We would always advise against fitting wardrobes to a wall that has or is likely to have a damp problem. Likewise, we always advise against storing any wet clothing or materials within your wardrobes and storage space to prevent any damp from occurring.

    Should fitted wardrobes have backs?

    Whether your fitted wardrobes have backs is up to you! Many homeowners are happy to have backless designs if their walls are plain behind or if they are not concerned that the back of the wardrobe will date over time if the wall is designed in a certain way. For aesthetic purposes, some customers choose to have backs to their wardrobes, but there is no hard and fast rule that is set in place.

    Are fitted wardrobes old-fashioned?

    Fitted wardrobes will never go out of fashion! Of course, we all have our own preferences and styles, but even the most dated or designs can be updated or upgraded in decades to come should you wish to upgrade your style. There is nothing old-fashioned about having storage that stands the test of time and which meets all your storage needs.

    Do Walk-In wardrobes add value?

    Walk-in wardrobes add value to any home, providing they are designed and fitted correctly, as by Wardrobe Newcastle. A walk-in wardrobe is something that is coveted by many and can be a real asset to any home, especially when it comes to selling!

    How do I fill the gap between my wall and wardrobe?

    If you are concerned about a gap between your wall and a wardrobe, give Wardrobe Newcastle a call, and we will see what we can do! No job is too big or indeed too small for us to take on.

    How can I make my built-in wardrobes look better?

    If you already have built-in wardrobes, there are many simple fixes to improve their appearance and design. Wardrobe Newcastle has an updating service where we can work with your existing built-in wardrobes to update them. Contact us today to have a chat about what your options are.

    Are mirrored wardrobes dated?

    Many people have asked us this question: are mirrored wardrobes dated? The short answer is no! Mirrors never go out of fashion! Not only are humans vain and like being able to look at themselves through many angles, but mirrored wardrobes add light to any room and make even the smallest of rooms appear bigger! What is not to like?


    Wardrobe Newcastle is the expert on all things wardrobe in the Newcastle area. Whether you have been looking for sliding door wardrobes, wood designs, built-ins, hinged wardrobes doors, or any other storage solutions, you have found the right people to do your job. We are the in-built furniture experts, coming up with all kinds of storage solutions in the Central Coast area. For robes for your clothes, bedroom furniture, storage solutions, mudroom conclusions, Wardrobe Newcastle can do it all.


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