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What is a built-in wardrobe?

White built in wardrobe in laminate timber. It has two open doors

The critical thing to know about built-in wardrobes is that they are a compartment and storage system built into your home or office walls rather than an ordinary wardrobe.

How do I choose a built-in wardrobe?

You will have to choose between different styles, materials, colours, and accessories before you decide which sort will complement your home. To get help with your choices, there are many resources online where you can compare wardrobes side by side and view full-size images.


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    Who are the professionals who install Built-In Wardrobes in Newcastle

    People that install built-in wardrobes are called joiners. Joiners in Newcastle are skilled craftsmen who can provide you with a wide range of services, including installing built-in wardrobes and other furniture.

    What type of wardrobe do I need?

    You will have to consider the purpose of building a storage facility in your home or office, whether it is for general clothes, mementos, paper records etc. In addition to this, you will also be required to decide between the types available on the market.

    Is it worth investing in custom-made wardrobes, or should I go with something pre-made and ready to assemble?

    When it comes to custom made wardrobes, you should be aware that you are paying for the best materials available and that they will be securely attached to your home, so there is no worry about shifting or moving.

    When it comes to interior design wardrobes, this depends immensely on what appeals to you as an individual. Just remember not to go overboard with bright colours in an attempt to cheer up a small wardrobe where privacy is needed most. Go with neutral colours like black or white and keep accessories such as hangers minimalistic and plain. This way, everything looks tidy while still looking like it belongs within the wardrobe itself.

    White built-in side by side wardrobe

    Why do you need a built-in wardrobe?

    The reasons you need a built-in wardrobe are varied, and no doubt each user will have their own. An excellent way to kick off the process of building a new storage facility is to ask yourself why you need built-in wardrobes or cabinets?

    L-shaped built-in wardrobe with hinged doors

    How do I plan to build a wardrobe, bookcase or shelving cabinet?

    Typically these are all things that you can easily design and build yourself. However, suppose you don’t have any experience with woodwork. In that case, it may be wise to contact professional joiners in Newcastle who might be able to give some advice and supply suitable materials for your project.

    The first thing you should start by doing is drawing up the plans for your desired storage area. You can draw them on paper using basic shapes such as rectangles and squares.

    Built-in wardrobe with no doors

    What if my space isn't big enough for a built-in closet?

    If you lack space when designing your wardrobe, you should at least make sure to leave as much floor space free as possible. For example, if you plan to have a shoe rack near the bottom of your wardrobe, move it closer to the front to have more room at the back for hanging clothes and storing suitcases and bags.

    One-sided built in wardrobes with hinged doors

    How to plan my built-in closet?

    When planning your interior design, remember that not all wardrobes are based around one single column of clothing storage. Some may be double-sided, meaning there is an open area behind which can store suitcases or other items, while others may have multiple columns making it easy to store even more pieces of clothing. Whatever design you choose should always provide enough space for what you wish to keep.

    Why choose us for your built-in wardrobe needs?

    At Built-In Wardrobes Newcastle, we provide one of the best and most appealing wardrobes solutions. Using the latest techniques and designs, we can provide you with custom made wardrobes for your home, which is why if it’s affordable built-in wardrobe solutions that you need, then look no further than Newcastle Wardrobes. Our variety of options means that everyone can have a bespoke fitted wardrobe designed and customized to fit their requirements while still offering value for money perfectly.

    Besides providing unique service, our experienced team of joiners take pride in offering a broad spectrum of high-quality services to customers who require new built-in wardrobes on any budget and those who want repairs or restoration work done on their existing cupboards. From simple refits to complex renovations, we have the solution you need.


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