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Cardiff Wardrobes: Design and Installation

Highest Quality Wardrobes Service in Cardiff

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Cardiff Wardrobes is a leading wardrobe manufacturer in Newcastle that provides customers with the highest quality service and professionalism. Our design team will provide the latest built-in wardrobe design that will match your design ideas and budget. Be assured that our team will provide accurate quotations, realistic timelines, professional advice, and custom storage solutions.

We design and build high-quality, reliable, stylish products and offer an extensive design range. Our service and products will speak for themselves. Cardiff Wardrobes is a trusted wardrobe maker in Newcastle that can provide hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, wardrobe internals, and other wardrobe accessories.


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    Are you a Property Manager or Commercial Builder?

    Cardiff Wardrobes prides itself in creating a Strong, Secure and Stylish Solution that protects what matters most to you. Cardiff Wardrobes takes in both residential clients and commercial jobs. Our team of professional wardrobe installers and designers has extensive experience in building and designing large-ranging commercial storage and large-scale wardrobe works. Our team will work with you whatever the scale of the job is and ensure that all your requirements are reached and on budget. Do not hesitate to call us now to discuss the details of your large-scale storage or commercial storage needs.

    Cardiff Wardrobes is the Best Choice in Newcastle

    Cardiff Wardrobes has been designing and installing wardrobes for many years, and our expert team can help you plan, design, choose materials and build your custom made cabinet.

    Designing built-in wardrobes in Cardiff, Australia

    Custom Built Wardrobe Design

    We can design and build your wardrobe according to your needs. Whether you need a walk-in, hinged door, or sliding door wardrobes, we are ready to help. We will assist you through the whole building process from designing, measuring, building, and installing a custom-built cabinet.

    Cardiff Wardrobes delivers all kinds of custom storage solutions

    Affordable Wardrobe and Storage Solutions

    We know how vital your wardrobe is, so we will help you design and build a wardrobe that will suit your needs, style, and budget.

    Cardiff Wardrobes create custom-designed office storage

    Licensed and Professional Contractor

    We have a professional and friendly team of experts that can help you with all your wardrobe needs. Please contact us and discuss the details of your project with our expert personnel.

    empty space saver customised wardrobe in Cardiff

    Reliability and Warranty

    We follow the best standard of quality and artistry. All our wardrobes come with a warranty to ensure quality.

    Cardiff Wardrobes Extensive Array of Wardrobes

    Cardiff Wardrobes offers an extensive array of wardrobes in various customized size, type, colour, material and finish including the following :

    Hinged Modular Wardrobe

    Hinged Wardrobes are the most common and popular wardrobe style. It is also Swing Door Wardrobes. They are convenient since when their hinged door is open, you will see the entire contents of your wardrobe. It makes it easier to get clothes and return them because of its wide-open doors. There is also an added utility since you can install a mirror in its door or place hooks for additional storage.


    Hinged Wardrobes are affordable and easy to install. They can also be placed in an L-shape corner to maximize the space of the room.


    Since you need to open the door, you need enough clearance space between the wardrobe and other furniture such as the bed or table. Since it’s a more traditional style, it may look ordinary or less stylish for some people.

    Cardiff Wardrobes maker doing Hinged Wardrobes

    Sliding Door Modular Wardrobe

    Sliding Door Modular Wardrobe are more contemporary designed wardrobes that use a sliding door instead of a hinged door. Their doors usually glide sidewards horizontally using metal channels on the bottom and top of the closet. They are a great space saver since there is no need for too much space in front for opening the door, unlike when you are using a hinged door. They are usually more extensive and more stable since they do not have swinging doors.


    Sliding Door Wardrobes are great with small spaces because they do not need a lot of clearance space in the front. They also look more modern and stylish.


    You cannot see the entire contents of the closet, unlike hinged doors where you can see everything. You will only see almost half of its content at one time since the sliding door will always cover one side of the wardrobe.

    sliding door wardrobe behind the opened door

    Walk-In Closet

    A walk-in closet is a separate space or room that provides storage space for clothes and other essential personal items. They are often found in large homes or apartments where there is ample space. They are often separated from the main room using sliding or hinged doors.


    A walk-in closet offers enormous storage space for clothes and other personal items. They offer a lot of privacy since it is separate from the main room. It is easy to access your clothes since you can all see them in one room.


    They are expensive to build and require ample space. You have to sacrifice space from other rooms for smaller homes to accommodate space for the Walk-in closet.

    wide space timber wardrobe making in Cardiff

    Cardiff Wardrobes can also customize the design and type of wardrobe based on your needs, budget, and specification.

    black motif custom-made wardrobes in Cardiff with island table
    Cardiff Wardrobes offer custom wardrobe designs and builds
    walkin closet wardrobe with transparent door
    walkin closet by Cardiff Wardrobes

    Cardiff Wardrobes Has a Wide Selection of Materials

    Cardiff Wardrobes has comprehensive experience in using the best materials for the construction of your wardrobe. You can choose among the following materials :


    it’s an excellent substitute for solid wood. It is durable and made from sheets or plies of wood that are bonded together using wood adhesive. They are lighter and cheaper than solid wood.

    Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

    is made of wood residue pounded and flattened to form sheets. They have a smooth surface and are cheaper than plywood and traditional wood.

    Particle Boards

    made from sawdust and wood chips. They are similar to MDF but are cheaper. They are lightweight and easy to work with, although they are not as durable as the other materials.



    are laminated sheets that are made from wood fibre and thermoplastics. They are water-resistant and need little maintenance.

    Solid wood

    is a traditional construction material that is both very durable and charming but can be a little expensive.

    Our professional team can help you choose suitable materials for your wardrobe to match your needs and budget.


    How much do sliding wardrobe doors cost?

    The essential measurement 2.4 m X 2.4 sliding wardrobe can cost around 700-800 AUD. While a more complex design can reach as much as 2,000 AUD

    How long does it take for a wardrobe installation?

    It depends on the size and complexity of the design. In less than 1 hour, a wardrobe with a simple design can be ensembled. But more complex ones with drawers, sliding doors, and compartments may take 8-10 hours. Customized cabinets may take a few days to make, depending on the design and size.


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      Your Local Wardrobe Maker in Cardiff

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