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The Wardrobe Guide for Every Home – Tips on Choosing the Right Wardrobe

Experts in building wardrobes in Newcastle

Struggling with wardrobe organisation? 

Wardrobe Newcastle is a specialised provider of high-quality wardrobes for storing clothes and other personal items. Our wardrobes feature superior construction, ample storage space, and attractive designs that seamlessly integrate into any bedroom style. 

Maximise available storage space with our range of customisable wardrobe options. Whether it’s our modern sliding doors or classic hinged doors in traditional wood materials or contemporary finishes, we have something to suit every taste while still offering great value for money. Don’t just think outside the box – create generous internal capacity inside your wardrobe too!  

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The Benefits of Having a Wardrobe in Your Home 

A wardrobe is a necessary furniture piece in any home, whether large or small. Not only does it provide storage to store extra clothing and items, but it often becomes a focal point of the bedroom design. A wardrobe can set the tone for your entire room, helping you create an interior look that reflects your personality and style.

Additionally, a wardrobe can help you stay organized and make the most of your space. With a designated spot to store clothes, extra bedding, and other items, there is less clutter in the bedroom—and less chance of leaving something behind while getting dressed in the morning.

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Selecting the Right Size Wardrobe for Your Home 

Your wardrobe size should be the correct size. A small wardrobe will not be able to store enough clothes and items. On the other hand, a huge wardrobe will take up too much space in your bedroom.

When selecting a wardrobe size for your home, start by measuring the size of your room and determine how much space you are willing to devote to the wardrobe. Once you know the dimensions, consider what type of wardrobe you’re looking for. Do you want it to be a full-length, freestanding piece of furniture that fills the entire wall? Or would a smaller wardrobe with shelving and drawers fit better in your room?

Next, consider the items that need to be stored. Will your wardrobe consist primarily of clothing or shoes?

Assessing Your Home’s Interior Design Style and How it Affects Your Wardrobe Selection

Your wardrobe should match the style and décor of your room. If your home features a modern design style, opt for wardrobes with clean lines and neutral colours that won’t compete with the other pieces in the room. On the other hand, more contemporary homes may benefit from a wardrobe with a bolder colour or pattern to add visual interest. The traditional decor will require a wardrobe made of high-quality materials, like wood or metal, to give your room a timeless look. If you’re re-decorating with an eclectic flare, consider purchasing a wardrobe that reflects several different design styles, such as rustic furniture combined with ornate carvings and intricate detailing.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Wardrobe 

Wardrobes can be made of different materials, each of them with its own unique set of characteristics. Wood is the most popular material for wardrobes due to its durability and timeless design. The different wood types available offer various colour and texture options, such as cherry, oak and mahogany. Finally, don’t forget to consider the wardrobe’s hardware. Dressers and chests come with different types of handles and knobs, which can drastically affect the overall look of your wardrobe. Choose pieces that complement the style of your room and add to its visual appeal.

Adding Drawers to Maximize Storage Space 

Drawers are a way to have your wardrobe organised and compartmentalise your clothes, shoes and accessories in an efficient way. Furthermore, drawers offer additional storage space that is not available with regular wardrobes. For example, if you have a large collection of clothing or other items such as bags and purses, adding drawers to your wardrobe can help you keep them separated and organised.

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Why choose Wardrobe Newcastle

Overall, when considering storage solutions for your clothing, nothing compares to having a custom-built wardrobe. Whether you prefer the classic look of wood, or desire a more modern aluminium frame design, Wardrobe Newcastle will take the time to understand your exact needs and find the perfect solution that complements your room’s aesthetic. 

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